About Ceretype

Ceretype grew out of the desire of its physician-scientist cofounders to translate years of academic research in psychiatric neurobiology and imaging methods development into tools that transform therapeutic development and clinical care. CEO Emily Stern, MD, SAB Chair David Silbersweig, MD and CTO Prantik Kundu, PhD have decades of expertise in functional neuroimaging, as well as a deep understanding of how psychiatric and neurological diseases and treatments affect the brain.

Our Mission

Ceretype provides actionable individual and population insights through unparalleled, commercializable visibility into brain circuitry—offering precision to stakeholders across the global healthcare ecosystem. This solution, led by Ceretype’s visionary team of scientific leaders and expert business professionals will bring new therapeutics to the market faster and revolutionize the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders.

World-leading scientific expertise

Emily Stern, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Prantik Kundu, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

David Silbersweig, MD

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Co-Founder

Mark Corrigan, MD

Strategic Advisor

Roni Setton, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist

Industry-leading commercial acceleration

Richard Lipkin

Board Member, Catalytic Impact Foundation

Niraj Doshi, PhD, JD

Chief Operating Officer

Corey MacGregor, MBA, MS

Business Development Lead

Jen van der Meer, MBA

Business Strategy

Ceretype is revolutionizing psychiatric
and neurological medicine.
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